Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Woes and Spring Wishes...

I’m a winter person. I love winter. I prefer to be cold than hot. I like being able to layer clothes on and feel cozy. Somehow winter reminds me of being a child, and I love anything that makes me feel that way. Nostalgic. I love to curl up on the couch to watch a movie with a hot tea (my absolute favourite beverage, I drink entirely too much of it) or a hot chocolate, with a big warm blanket on my and Brady at my side, curled up under the blanket of course. I think this is a Boston Terrier trait. He can sleep all night long under my duvet, I have no idea how. I hate having my head or face under the covers, but apparently he loves it. Also Christmas is my favourite time of year. I just love the feeling of it. My sweet boy enjoying some sun that we finally got last week.

I do not ski or snowboard. I do love skating (haven’t been out this year once even, pitiful). And I do love to go for walks. I love being outside in the winter and coming in with pink cheeks. I love coming in and smelling something cooking, dinner or cookies or cake, something like that. I can’t go for long walks with Brady this time of year because he has what I call, and ‘fair-weather feet’. We cannot make it very far before the poor fella is lifting his feet and wanting to be picked up. Let me tell you, it's tricky when he is a large 30 pound guy. It doesn’t really sound that heavy, but he really feels it. I think I need to take up a winter activity, like snowshoeing. I think I’d really enjoy it. To be honest I’m afraid to even try it because I think it would be extremely difficult due to my out-of-shapeness.
I’m ready for spring. This is not usually me. But I am. Everyone that I talk to feels this way. Maybe it’s because there will be some changes in my life come spring. I should be finishing my third year of university(strike depending), which means I’m finally in my last year, which means I’m so close to being finished school. I will become an Aunt for the first time! Auntie Em. I can’t wait. The thought of a sweet little baby coming into our lives excites me so much, but at the same time makes me wish that I lived much closer to my siblings. I should be lucky that I live 1.5 hours away from them, but it feels far and plans must be made in advance to get together. I wish I lived across town from them and could just stop in or have them come over for dinner without having to plan a month prior. I suppose that’s just the way life goes. I feel fortunate that I'm still close with each of them, despite the distance and can talk with them about anything. So that is certainly something to be thankful for.


  1. It always amazes me how they can sleep under the covers all night! I always feel like I can't breathe if I have my head under the covers for a few minutes! lol.

  2. Mine do that too... all THREE of them! lol I hear you on the cold vs heat too... amen. Congrats on being an aunt too! It's really fun as I'm an auntie too!

  3. I prefer it being colder than hot! BUT I do feel like I don't get out enough cause I don't do winter sports like skiing or snowboarding, but I was totally thinking about snowshoeing, although I heard it can be intense.

    btw, such cute photos of brady.