Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nothing much to say.

I'm going to attempt a picture in the place that I want it to be..according to the help provided by Sohobutterfly. Thanks again for the help!!

I went to a church this morning that I have never been to before and I really loved it! I was surprised. The pastors(two of them) were both great and were able to keep it lively so that you could pay attention the whole time. A nice change from Mikes Catholic church, which I find totally scary and uncomfortable, to my moms BIC church, which has THE most boring pastor on the planet. I've had a desire to find a church that I love and start attending regularly. I've been a holidays-only church attender previously. I was never baptised and was not raised with any sort of religion. So I figure that its a great opportunity to find a religion and a church that I feel 100% comfortable with. I may have found it! But there are quite a few other churches in town that I would like to visit as well, to see how I like them.

So ya, thats about all that is new with me. My school is STILL on strike...we are at week 10 or 11, something like that. While I've been completely enjoying having nothing to do, I just want to get school over with. It needs to begin for me to do that! I'm very eager to be finished so that I can start making money. I desperatly want to SHOP. haha I miss shopping so badly. AHHHhhhhhhh The life of a crumbum student. One day....

YAAAAY I totally got that pic to move finally!!!

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  1. It is so hard to find a church that you love and enjoy attending. My husband and I have been living in Virginia for 4 years now and have yet to find a church we like!