Monday, February 23, 2009

Random Thoughts for Today

Most days I wish that I could focus all my time and attention on loved ones and on doing nice things for others. It always feels so good to do a little something, even as small as a nice compliment for someone to help brighten their day! I hate having the feeling that there is never enough time to devote to this, although I guess its something that we should always strive to be better at.

Every day, I wish that I could spend all of my time with Brady. I love being so close to him that I see so many sweet tiny moments and mannerisms and goofiness and frito-smelling feet that I know nobody else will ever get to experience. Although at the same time, it also makes me kind of sad that the whole world doesn't get to see all of his wonderfulness. Not sure if that's a word, but it is today.

Here are a couple of completely embarrassing photos of me and Brady. I'll share them, even though I look so terrible and they are dork as all get out.

Teaching him to 'kiss' is by far the cutest thing I've taught him. He just presses his lips up to yours, no tongue. haha Adorable. I love my boy!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


So I've been super lazy in posting anything lately, but I can blame school! After three months of strike we were finally allowed to go back. Which means tons of homework. Luckily I had a couple things completed during the strike, so that helped. And may I just say that group work stinks. I wish they didn't make us do it. So here is my homework list for the next two and a half weeks:

-ethics presentation(just need to email all the info due to lack of time)

-statistics assignment(seriously the hardest thing I've ever attempted doing. Makes me feel so stupid)

-ethics paper

-theory of nursing paper

-study for stats exam

-study for lab test and for an exam

I was supposed to go away this weekend with Mike and his friends to his parents cottage, but I had to cancel due to this huge workload. Which stinks. We don't really do anything for valentines, but I'd rather be with him for it than with my textbooks and computer. I feel like we are the only people who don't do anything for valentines. People act so shocked to hear that we don't and some even say 'oh you should make him do stuff anyways!'. My friends don't always give the best advice! I mean I certainly do enjoy the treats and chocolates and such, but I just can't get into it. MM I'm craving valentines treats like nobody's business now. Darn.

So yes, that is what's new with me. Off to type until my fingers bleed! Oh and a pic, because every post needs a pic!