Thursday, March 12, 2009

You motor-boatin son-of-a-b****!

Movie trivia anyone?

This is Jake. He is a cat. He is black and white. He is also annoying. He comes to sleep with me when I'm having trouble sleeping. He probably thinks this is nice of him. He's wrong. He licks himself a lot(which is loud in the middle of the night). He has the LOUDEST purr - ever(again, probably amplified during the night). I call him purring a motorboat. Jake runs his motorboat a lot. Like all night.

Its a good thing he's cute.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Brady's Love For The Boyfriend.

During the strike from school(three months long in total), I spend about 2.5 weeks at the boyfriends house. I absolutly love being there, it feels like home. The town, the people, his family, and of course him! He lives over an hour away from me right now(which will be changing in the summer!!! can't wait) so any opportunity to spend more than 2 days together we jump at.

Brady is another reason I love going there. He also loves it there and seems so happy and content. Probably becuase there is no fenced in yard like at home here so he gets walked 3-4 times per day rather than just once a day at home. Also I think Brady prefers to play and wrestle with any man over me. I think I'm too gentle for his liking or something.

So anyways, when I met the boyfriend, he was not a dog person. My first thought to this was Oh Dear, this isn't going to work. But he tried SO hard to become a dog lover, I was sooo impressed and touched with his effort. Not only to accept Brady, but also accept the little ways that I spoil Brady - he will even pick him up when he takes him out because Bradys little feet get too cold. Ah! My heart melts. Brady has also weasled his way the boyfriends bed, under the covers. And the cutest thing of all is that when he doesn't think I'm listening I can hear him baby-talking to Brady! Adorable.

While we were staying there during the strike Brady began to wait for Mike at the door everyday starting at 5:15. I think Mike really got to love seeing his excited little face every night. Here are some photos I took of him. Sorry for the quality, I'm still learning how to use my camera!