Monday, November 22, 2010

From Ms to Mrs. Updates since June!

SO MUCH HAS CHANGED since I last posted! I kind of can't believe it. Since then we've moved into the new house, which has been nice and not quite as nice as I thought. I love the new town we live in, that was a nice change. The alright, don't like it as much as the last house but like I said, it's alright. I have to actually walk Brady now each time he has to go out - which is even more annoying than I anticipated, as you can imagine.

We had a buckndoe thrown by our wedding party! It was a blast :)

I had two bridal showers!

Mike was in the wedding of our two close friends. It was such a fun and wonderful day, great wedding! And he looks so handsome all dressed up :)

Then it was our turn to get married! The sneak peek of our photos can be seen at our photographers blog :

She is amazing. Her husband is hilarious. Together they make you feel less awkward about having your photo taken, they have such creative ideas, they are a couple who work great together and are clearly very much in love, and they rock, basically. 

We learned this exciting news!

And were completely surprised that we were successful the very first try, we are so thankful and we realize how lucky we are. We are praying that everything goes well for the pregnancy and birth and have a health baby in the end. I've been suffering with 'morning sickness' a lot. Whoever named it that is ridiculous. It should be called 24/7-nothings-going-to-make-it-better-sickness. Hopefully that improves soon. Yesterday and today are both better days. So I'm hoping the diclectin is starting to kick in, mother of mercy!  :)

Here's where we are today: Officially 8 weeks! Feeling super fat. Sore breasts...err melons I should say. I can't do up the button or fly of ANY of my pants. I can't stand any pressure whatsoever on my stomach because it just makes me feel tight tank top, maternity pants, elastic waisted pants. Hopefully this will improve when I start feeling better, I'd like to stop looking like such a grub in my PJs all the time!

We took our honeymoon in Montreal, which I'm sure is a great, beautiful city. I spent the whole time in bed in our hotel room. We did get out for one thing though:
It was really fun to go to the game, although all the smells there made me sick by the end of the first period. It was fun while it lasted! I did stick it out until the end though. Thankyouverymuch!

And this is the view from our hotel room. Quite pretty really. And if you look closely down the street you can see a wreath that's all lit up, it had so many tiny lights on it that it looked like the glittered!