Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Beginning of Many Updates :)

SO much has happened since I last posted! I'm pretty sure there was snow in the last pictures! That's insane, but in my defense I have been busy. I'm going to split these update into different posts because it would be ridiculously long if I didn't!

Let's see where to begin...I completed my last semester in school, working as an RN student doing post-partum, paeds, and intensive care nursery and fell in love with that area. I finally found the area of nursing that I'm comfortable, interested, and good at. However the hours were less than ideal. Shift work bites! What was I thinking becoming a nurse? I worked 12hr shifts, two weeks of days two weeks of nights, on a schedule that is basically 2 on-2off-3on-2off-2on-3off. It was insane. Plus my drive to work was 1hr10 min, which makes for a LONG day, especially when getting off of nights! Luckily one those difficult mornings I was able to call my mom to talk while I drove. Bad, I know since now it's illegal here in Ontario, but it's the only thing that kept me awake. Thanks mom!

So after surviving all this I was about a week and half away from writing my RN exam and graduating and I found out that my overall average for school was .18 too low to graduate :( BOO. So now it's going end up taking a whole year before I can get it sorted out and write my exam. Luckily I have my RPN to fall back on until I finish up!

On a happier note! I GOT ENGAGED!! hurrah!

Mike proposed in between Christmas and New Years up at his parent's cottage in the snow at the waters edge. It was perfect!

I picked out my dress quite quickly too. My mom and I went looking in town and I really wasn't expecting to find it so easily! I sort of wish I didn't so that I can keep trying dresses on - it's SO much fun and makes you feel so happy and skinny if you've never done it before! I highly suggest doing it, even just for fun. So I've been busy trying to get this wedding pulled together. The date is November 13th, 2010. We are SO excited!

And of course Brady is still here being his cute, wonderful, snugly self! He's actually still in our bed right now, even though I got up an hour ago! These Boston Terriers have personality I tell ya!

Will update more soon!

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