Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Mom is an Inspiration.

Last week my mom graduated from college! She decided to go back two years ago and become a Social Service Worker - in her 50's. She's amazing! She worked her way through school with more effort and determination than any student I've ever seen in all my years of being in school. She became friends with her colleagues and teachers. She branched out of her shell and her comfort zone. And she excelled extraordinarily and made the Dean's List (above 80% average). She overcame physical, financial, geographical (commuting over an hour each way every day to school), and learning challenges as well as judgment from some for entering school so late in life. My mom has shown us what an inspiration she is and to go for your dreams! And also to ignore those nay-sayers!!
My brothers and I drove up from all our different locations to be with mom while she achieved this milestone.
Mom and I:
My oldest brother M:

My other older brother G:
And by far the most stylish person who attended convocation was this man. He had a 70's stache, bow tie and tux on top, kilt, knee-high socks, and of course skater shoes. Oh and he accessorized it all with a polka dot purse :)
Sorry it's crooked.

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